Learn the architectural presentation of the general site with different materials for beginners

Learn the architectural presentation of the general site with different materials for beginners

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What you’ll learn:
  • You will learn the hidden secrets to show the general location of a house or villa with a private garden of different materials
  • You will learn how to think and plan the show from start to finish.
  • You will notice that the display is completely different from the traditional display with these materials.
  • Boldness and self-confidence in the use of these materials

Welcome to the educational course ” Learning the architectural presentation of the public site with different materials for beginnersMy goal in this course was to feel the fun by dealing with the display of a group of public sites of a somewhat small area in order to be suitable for beginners to learn the basics and principles of manual architectural display with different materials such as pencils / wood colors / marker colors from level zero to show the capabilities of each material from Colors and their ability to express boldly in the architectural presentation, based on a simplified and easy-to-use technique for all the grades of pencils, starting with the basics of teaching each material separately based on my experience in dealing with them and common mistakes while learning the basics and principles, in addition to setting the effect of lighting and shadows Taking into account while learning the basics and principles, as well as with the stages of showing the general site, while also mentioning the common mistakes during the presentation, in order to be of help to those who care and interact with this type of manual architectural presentation with these materials.

I was also keen in this course to be a complement to the architectural design course, as it contains the beginnings of showing the architectural external elements of small residential houses, through a journey of revealing the hidden secrets to show the architectural public sites as it is one of the very important things for every specialist in the study such as the departments of architecture, interior design or the arts the beautiful. In addition to going with the level of those materials to another perspective from the way of coloring and showing and its ability to express boldly to clarify the details and elements of the external general site. And through this course, you will notice that the demonstration is completely different from the normal traditional display that is circulating among the inexperienced in those materials, and this is what we will learn through how to think and develop a plan to show it from the beginning to the end, step by step until you reach a professional show in the end, God willing .

I hope you like the course and achieve the goal of it. I await your evaluation of the course to work on its permanent development, God willing.

Who this course is for:
  • Architecture/Fine Arts/Interior Design students.
  • Anyone interested in drawing with this type of color

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