Learn Amharic Language: Complete Amharic Course

Learn Amharic Language: Complete Amharic Course

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What you’ll learn:
  • 54 video lectures with detailed pronunciation and examples (3.5 hours)
  • Speak Amharic in different environment and situations in just a few days.
  • PDF with short grammar summaries and examples.
  • Amharic grammar, vocabulary.
  • Amharic five days crush course.
  • Native Amharic pronunciation, with easy to read English equivalent for every Amharic words, phrases and sentences used in the lectures

Hello and welcome to the Complete Amharic Language Course!

We teach Amharic language through short videos.

Each Amharic lesson uses vocabulary and expressions that you will be able to use on a daily basis including Amharic pronunciations with easy to read English references.

Our Amharic course is taught by a native Ethiopian, Amharic speaker teacher. Our course could help anyone who is traveling to Ethiopia or want to use Amharic language for any purpose in their day today lives.

This course consists of different sections, each of them covering a different topic. You will be gradually introduced to Amharic grammar.

Additionally, each of the sections will include PDF vocabulary lists! There is also downloadable 5 days crash course video and a video of Amharic alphabets included in this course.

In case you have any questions regarding this course or if you require any further explanation, you can directly contact the teacher and get answers for your questions.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is suitable for any age, for anyone who wants to learn to speak Amharic fast and easy.
  • This course is for anyone with a desire to learn Amharic for any reason: to visit Ethiopia, do business in Ethiopia, to better themselves, to make friends or relationships with Ethiopians, to live or work in Ethiopia, etc.
  • This course is also for Ethiopian diaspora living or born anywhere in the world with a desire to reconnect with their mother land Ethiopia and Amharic language.

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Who this course is for:
  • The course is recommended to anyone who wants to learn Amharic language fast and easy and start using the Amharic in different situations and places. We start with the absolute basics.
  • Amharic language beginners
  • Amharic language advanced beginners
  • Amharic language Intermediate

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