Leaflet practice-oriented data visualization OpenStreetMap

Leaflet practice-oriented data visualization OpenStreetMap

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What you’ll :
  • practical examples with Leaflet and OpenData Austria visualization
  • Implementation of GPX, SHP and Geojson data
  • Leaflet plugins like Heatmap and Cluster

a short general lesson on the topic of leaflets, we start directly with the programming. We use real data from Austria based on OpenData and look at the most important file formats. This allows us to visualize real data for this course and at the same time get to know the most common formats. Leaflet offers interfaces for exactly these formats, with which we quickly reach a result. Suitable for beginners and also professionals can take one or the other from the course.

In this course you will get to know the following data and file formats and visualize them yourself:

  • Mountain bike trails in GPX format
  • Ozone values ​​in Austria – in JSONp format
  • Berg-Almen in SHP format
  • Nature reserves in SHP format

We will some Lefalet plugins in the training – for example:

  • We cluster several thousand data points
  • Ozone values ​​are highlighted with a heat map

Structure of the course:

  • The videos are kept short ( 2-5 minutes )
  • After each video there is a saved version of all data for download
  • You can start with a fresh save after each lesson
  • Guaranteed frustration-free learning without tiresome troubleshooting

Of course, you can go straight into each chapter. For beginners I recommend watching the videos chornologically.

I use open source for programming. This means that you can participate immediately and have no additional costs.

  • XAMPP Apache
  • Notepad++ for
  • OpenData for the data sources

Have fun implementing and I look forward to your results.

Markus Edenhauser

Who this course is for:
  • Web developers who want to deal with Leaflet.

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