Introduction to International Trade Finance & Trade Services

Introduction to International Trade Finance & Trade Services

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What you’ll learn:
  • Get a flavor of one of the most important topics in Corporate & Investment Banking.
  • Be better prepared and positioned for Corporate & Investment Banking interviews.
  • Move your career to the next level by upgrading your skills and knowledge.
  • Expand your knowledge base and enhance your expertise in the international trade finance arena
  • Understand the principles of international trade finance market to gain a better understanding of the role that trade plays in helping clients do more business
  • Confidently explain the basic drivers of trade.
  • Understand the trade framework and environment.
  • Explain the different types of payment options used by participants in international trade.
  • Learn about the different types of documentation which is used by banks to effect trade.
  • Describe the advantages and risks for different types of payment options for different participants in trade transactions.
  • Outline the key types of guarantees that are seen in international business and identify the key parties and risks that each one is taking.
  • Become familiar with how banks finance trade deals for their clients.
  • Understand how banks manage risks in trade transactions.
  • Become familiar with the sometimes-complex language and terminology surrounding trade.
  • Be able to describe the compliance framework within which banks must operate.
  • Understand how banks work together with other banks to structure a large deal.
  • Explain the pricing conventions and benchmarks that banks use to price their product and calculate returns.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your customer’s requirements and elevate your position to that of trusted advisor.
  • Deep dive into other external agencies (ECA, DFI, MLA) that can support larger more complex structures.
  • Develop a fundamental understanding of the skills & knowledge required as a banker to implement trade finance concepts in practical career

The Number 1 holistic course on International Trade Finance & Trade Services. The “Introduction to International Trade Finance & Trade Services” is the most comprehensive & detailed course you will find of its kind. It replicates and teaches concepts and skills that you will find in any management trainee level program of a bulge bracket Tier 1 multinational bank. It includes;

– 10+ Case Studies

– 25+ PDF Files

– 100+ Quiz Bank

– A Complete Glossary

– Real World Examples

– Interesting facts about Trade

– 5+ Hours of Video

– Beginner Level

– 40+ Lectures

– 10 Sections

– “Screencast of Slides” teaching Methodology

– Access on mobile and TV

– Downloadable Resources

– Certificate of Completion

– Full time Access

– 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

– Teacher Support

Trade is the bread & butter of almost every global multinational commercial bank. Resultantly, knowledge of the basics of trade finance and services becomes one of the most critical skillsets in developing yourself as a Corporate & Investment Banker. So why should you take this course and what value addition does it provide?

  • You are not working in banking but want to switch careers & make an entry into this lucrative industry.
  • You are a finance graduate and are looking to find a challenging position in Banking.
  • You are already a banking employee and are looking to transition internally to a more challenging front office coverage role. This course will equip you with the basic knowledge required to make the shift.
  • This course is also designed for CFO/Finance managers of organizations that are active participants in international trade (any company that imports & exports internationally) as the knowledge will better assist them in managing their banks and help them in optimizing solutions which are the most cost effective and efficient.

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The course is divided into 10 Sections covering the following learning outcomes;

  • Section 1 : We will start by introducing participants of international trade ecosystem and do a deep dive into the different modes of transportation that are frequently used and their pros & cons.
  • Section 2 : Next, we will discuss the trade environment specifically the political, Business, social and legal issues that shape & influence trade between two parties. Also Identify factors that restrict (tariffs, non-tariff barriers, Quotas) & promote (trade agreements) global trade.
  • Section 3 : In this section we try to understand the underlying motivation that determine the terms that are set between buyer & sellers. Learn some of the trade finance products that form the building blocks in any banks Trade repertoire such as Cash in advance, Open Account, On Consignment, Documentary Collections, LC, & SBLC. We will also look at settlements under LC, types and different features / components of LC in addition to identifying the key drivers and risks from an importer, exporter and financier’s perspective.
  • Section 4 : Many documents facilitate the exchange of goods and services. In this section you will learn about the different financial and commercial documents necessary for different trade transactions.
  • Section 5 : The decision to extend credit to a customer is based on past experience and present conditions. The goals of extending credit are to service the needs of the customer and to earn a profit for the lending bank. We look at how banks extend credit, which transactions require trade financing, types of export financing and how banks use the correspondent banking market to manage risk.
  • Section 6 : We identify the different risks that affect trade transactions, describe how banks manages risk, explore different risk transfer strategies. The informed banker understands these elements, how they affect international trade and how to provide the safest and most appropriate trade products to the customer.
  • Section 7 : One of the risks inherent in international trade stems from the need to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. We take a comprehensive look at the compliance environment specifically pertaining to sanctions, Anti-Boycott laws, export controls & Anti Money Laundering.
  • Section 8 : In this section, we take a deep dive into the information-gathering process that helps identify a prospective or current customer’s trade-related banking needs. In addition to setting key pricing benchmarks and providing guidelines for pricing a trade product.
  • Section 9 : To finish off we delve into the world of ECA’s, DFI’s & MLA’s and how such programs support and enable the banks customers to remain competitive with businesses from other countries. We cover features/objectives of such organizations, describe the benefits, explore different structures/types, compare/contrast between ECA/DFI/MLA and look at pricing related issues.
  • Section 10 : Summary, wrap up and an additional lecture! Discover a detailed Glossary of Terms and Definitions to help you master the terminology as well as select case studies.
Who this course is for:
  • Business / Financial / Investment / Equity / Treasury Analysts
  • Financial / Management Accountants / Auditors
  • University Graduates / Finance Students
  • Anyone interested in becoming a Banker
  • Bankers looking to upskill or move into a trade role
  • Any front-end coverage staff in Banking
  • Finance departments in corporations / Head of Finance
  • Any company engaged in Importing / Exporting
  • Trade Product Specialists / Trade Managers / Trade Sales
  • C Suite Level Staff – CEO / CFO / COO / Director Head / Division Head
  • Financial Controller / Business Controller / Finance Manager / Consultant
  • Credit / Risk Management professional
  • Relationship Manager / Product Manager / Project Manager / Commercial Manager
  • Corporate & Investment Banker / Corporate Finance & Valuation Professionals
  • Transaction Advisers / Lawyers / Legal Counsel
  • Managers of Strategic Planning / Business Development
  • Project Financiers / Lenders / Administrators
  • Financial Planners and Forecasters
  • Government Trade Agencies / Bodies / Regulators
  • External Agencies engaged with Trade

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