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Instructional Design Course: All Levels Beginner to Advance

Instructional Design Course: All Levels Beginner to Advance

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Course Details –:

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What you’ll learn-:

  • UNDERSTAND the instructional design system or methodology for e-learning
  • RECOGNIZE the different aspects of instructional design
  • COMPREHEND some of the key principles of instructional design and learn how to apply the same while creating content.
  • BECOME competent in essential skills that helps in enhancing the writing
  • DISCOVER the steps involved in developing content
  • LEARN to write instructional design content
  • TAKE IN the ability to draft good content for instructional design
  • GAIN advanced research skill that helps you to write on any topic
  • LEARN the difference between computer-based and web-based learning
  • DEVELOP effective tools for the assessment

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This course will help you to gain:
  • Understanding in the instructional design system or methodology for e-learning
  • Recognizing the different aspects of instructional design
  • Comprehending the key principles of instructional design and its application while creating content.
  • Becoming competent in essential skills that helps in enhancing the writing
  • Discovering the steps involved in developing content
  • Learning to write instructional design content
  • Taking in the ability to draft good content for instructional design
  • Gaining advanced research skill that helps you to write on any topic
  • Learning the difference between computer-based and web-based learning
  • Develop effective tools for assessment
  • Acquiring the knowledge to prepare academic guide, whitepapers and study material
  • Mastering the graphic skill to design PPT, and newsletter
  • Gaining proficiency in acquiring the expertise to design website
  • Skill to identify the target audience
  • Manage your e-learning projects efficiently using different methodologies
  • Developing language skills that help in recognizing grammatical errors, and understand the usage of punctuation and helps in expanding the vocabulary
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With this course, you will be able to design professional, instructionally sound e-Learning courses in a short span of time and will help you can create an impressive e-Learning portfolio that is a must to showcase your expertise.
This course is appropriate for an aspiring or a seasoned instructional designer having professional experience. All you need to do is come prepared and start your learning journey.
It is a course designed by the experts in the field with an experience of over a decade adorned with all the necessary skills to become an expert in designing such courses.
Taking up this course will help you:
  • Become more skilled in writing your content for e-Learning course
  • Learn to reach specific goals within a short time span
  • Observe a great improvement in your writing ability
  • Increase your self-confidence in writing
The course is packed with:
  • To make the whole process of learning easy this course is equipped with Experience of the Trainers who are from the same industry.
  • Loads of real-life examples that will give you an insight into the course and will brush up your writing skill.
  • A lot of tips in writing and ample advice straight from the horse’s mouth that is from the industry experts that will help you kick start your journey as the content expert in developing e-Learning courses.

Who this course is for:
  • Aspiring Instructional Designers
  • Experienced instructional Designers
  • Human Resource Professional
  • Digital Marketers / Marketers personnel / Sales personnel / Business Development professionals
  • Entrepreneurs/Business owners who want to scale up their business
  • Professors / Teachers / Trainers
  • Bloggers / Content Writers
  • Retired / Unemployed individuals
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Professionals from Corporates
  • Students
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