HVAC Heat Load calculation for Small Room |HVAC| Air Cond

HVAC Heat Load calculation for Small Room |HVAC| Air Cond

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What you’ll learn:
Can Calculate the Exact capacity of Air Conditioner required to be installed in a Room
Can Estimate the Requirement of Air Conditioner capacity in Ton for a Room

Comprehend the basic function of Air Conditioner

Understand the parameters on which Air Conditioner Works

Comprehend the Ton of Air Conditioning & Refrigeration precisely


In Today’s era the use of Air Conditioners is almost on rising trend. Because comfortable environment regardless of weather outside is a basic need of every human being.

If the air conditioner is installed less than the required capacity, then it will be over burdened and life will also be shortened. On the other hand if air conditioner is more than the required capacity it will be wastage of money.

It is also a fact that the exact of air conditioner’s capacity in Tons is not known by majority of our users. Even there are very less technicians who are aware of this .

In this course a simple and easy to understand method will be explained, by which every moderate literate person can estimate the exact requirement of the air conditioners for his room. Because, its the first step towards the creation of the comfortable environment in a room or closed space.

Whereas, Air Conditioners can fulfill the needs of both residential and commercial purposes.

Basically Air Conditioner is meant for two types of installations:-

1. To create a comfortable environment for Human/animals in a closed space.

2. To create a comfortable environment for the equipment/machinery.

For both purposes air conditioner is required regardless of outside weather. Because an air conditioner can produce heating and cooling in order to meet all weather conditions.

The formulae and the basics of the heat load load estimation have been well explained here.

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