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How to drive your project into success

How to drive your project into success

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Course Details –:

Published by:Jouni Ruotanen

What you’ll learn -:

  • Project budget failures and how to avoid themP
  • roject planning and setting targets
  • Continuous project improvement
  • What makes project successful20200502 175542 191

Take next step in your career!
What is needed in today’s project management? What does it take to be a next generation project manager? What you need to know about project planning, scheduling and budgeting? You don’t need to make same mistakes in project management as others. You can learn from the specialists, studies and adapt your project management.
Take initial step in strategic project management with this course.
This course teach you all of these skills!
1. Project budget
Includes tools, frameworks and methodologies for
  • Total Quality Management,
  • Lean management and
  • Value Stream Mapping
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2. Project planning
Includes tools, frameworks and methodologies for
  • Earned Value Management,
  • Empowering  Team and
  • Balanced Scorecard
3. Continuous improvement and
Includes tools, frameworks and methodologies for
  • Project Portfolio Management,
  • Agile Methodology and
  • Status Reporting
4. Successful projects
Includes tools, frameworks and methodologies for
  • Benchmark,
  • Linear Responsibility Chart and
  • Decision Making Structure
All of these tools and methodologies will be explained in this course. You will also get templates – included in the course structure without extra costs. Learn, take part of your management and become the best!
What else you get in this course?
  1. There will be several statistics which show you how to avoid failures and learn more, take several steps to become a next generation project manager.
  2. You will learn many useful and efficient tools to improve project success. You will learn among others Lean management, Earned value management, Balanced scorecard, reporting structure and portfolio management. How to execute and keep things getting better is important.
  3. Many templates and tools you can into practice immediately. All tools are explained. All templates are downloadable.
  4. Ask any additional during the course and whenever needed there will be new lectures added.
Enroll today! Become a next generation project manager and success since the very next project kick off. Your first step to become senior project manager, strategic manager for the future!
Who this course is for:
  • Beginner project managers with passion to learn
  • Team members interested to understand more
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