Google Suite and Online Teaching – The Ultimate Guide

Google Suite and Online Teaching - The Ultimate Guide

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Course Details –:

What you’ll learn -:

  • Learn Google Classroom techniques for faster communication and better organisation
  • Master Google Docs, Slides, and Forms for setting killer classwork and assignments
  • Discover amazing extensions to make your classes interactive and super engaging
  • Cut your grading and paperwork time in half by using vital automation tools
  • Make your classes run like clockwork with different apps and extension

Description -:

If you’re a teacher who’s recently been moved online due to school closures and you’re struggling to get to grips with Google Suite, this course is going to save your life!

In this course, I’ll show you step by step how to organise and execute synchronous and asynchronous classes using essential Google suite extensions and apps:

Take a detailed tour of google meets, classroom and docs so that you communicate easily with your classes and keep everyone up-to-date and on track.

Discover amazing extensions you can use to make your classes more interactive and engaging for your students!

Cut your paperwork time in half by automating your grading and email system

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By the end of the course, you’ll know exactly how to keep your class organised and make your online lessons just as fun and informative as you offline lessons.
Go ahead and click on the ‘take this course right now button and come and join our community of over 2000 teachers that have already taken the course! Thanks again for enrolling, and I’ll see you in the course!
Who this course is for:
  • If you’re a teacher who’s recently been moved online and don’t know where to start
  • If your school/district has made Google Suite obligatory and you’re confused about all of the apps/extensions
  • If you’re overwhelmed by Google Suite and want a clear walk-through of all of the options
  • If you’re having problems with Google Classroom organisation and communication
  • If it’s taking you twice as long to plan your online classes than your face-to-face classes.
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