Google Professional Data Engineer Practice Exams - JULY 2022

Google Professional Data Engineer Practice Exams – JULY 2022

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What you'll :
  • GPDE Exam #1
  • GPDE Exam #2
  • GPDE Exam #3

You may master the Google Professional Engineer Certification Exam by taking three practice exams with scenarios linked to the GCP's Data Engineering component.

  • Prepare for the Google Professional Data Engineer Certification Exam by doing some research.
  • Make sure you are completely ready for the test.
  • Only show up for these exams when you feel prepared to take them.

Topics covered in the exams –

  • Storage – BigQuery, BigTable, Spanner, Cloud DataStore, Cloud Storage
  • Processing – DataProc, DataFlow, Spark, Beam etc.
  • – BigQuery, Hive etc.
  • – DataStudio
  • Ingestion – Cloud Pub/Sub, Kafka etc.
  • Modeling – ML APIs, ML Concepts, AI Platform, Accelerator, Troubleshooting etc.
  • Misc – Dataprep, Data Catalog, Auto Scaling, Stackdriver, IAM etc


This course is for evaluating your readiness for the actual exam, not for serving as a dump for that exam.

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What can a data engineer certification do for you? Data engineers are always in demand, and certified ones are among the highest-paid certified specialists. Data engineers are skilled in a wide range of areas, including the design of systems that can ingest massive volumes of data, cost-effectively store data, and effectively process and analyze data using technologies like machine learning and reporting. You can demonstrate that you have the know-how and abilities to create, optimize, and monitor high-performance data engineering systems by earning a Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer certification.

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