Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Pharmaceutical Industry

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Pharmaceutical Industry

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What you'll learn:
  • Learn Quality Management System and Risk Management
  • Know the most important pharmaceutical regulations and their importance
  • Get a detailed overview of GMP requirements in the pharmaceutical
  • Learn the technical terms in the GMP area and their meanings.
  • Importance of GMP in the Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Learn the most important considerations for GMP audits
  • Learn Finished Pharmaceuticals General Provisions
  • Learn Production and Controls
  • Learn how to manage the clinical trials supplies
  • Master the key to outsource and find contractors
  • Pharmaceutical Facilities management

Welcome to the complete Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) course. This course is a complete guide for learning the most important requirements for following the GMP for the Pharmaceuticals and the Food Industry.  GMP or good manufacturing practices followed by businesses involved in manufacturing of cosmetics food and pharmaceutical products. It is designed to maintain quality during production. Not complying with the good manufacturing practices can result in poor product quality and distrust the production in your organization. This course will cover the following sections:

Current Good Manufacturing Practices

This section addresses Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and a few different federal policies which have been promulgated for statutory effectuation and implementation withinside the main. The most important statute underlying such policies is the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FFDC) Act. This phase offers a particular hints and ideas which could function assessments for crucial operations in the complete employer just so powerful and incorporated great structures and product controls may be achieved. Each requirement this is loosely generalized in GMP policies may be enlarged and made greater precise as a way to encompass measures that the authors consider are essential for appropriate manipulate structures.

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Contracting and Outsourcing

One thing that is common to the small virtual company  and the multinational company marketing commercial product is that they both use contractors and outsource one or more operations. The section discusses different topics related to outsourcing manufacturing operations and can be adapted for individual processes that are outsourced to a contractor.

Pharmaceutical Facilities

Learn how to design and construct your pharmaceutical facility. We will cover all requirements for lighting ventilation, plumbing, washing, sanitation and more. You will be able to manage and maintain your facility and make sure it meets the FDA guidelines


We will look at the different types of equipment . You will learn how to construct, clean and maintain your equipment. We will cover automatic, electrical and mechanical equipment that you in your facility. The development of Good Automation Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) guidelines and calibration program guidelines has substantially transformed the process used, not only for the procurement and qualification of computer systems but also the entire system for the acquisition of equipment and systems.

Who this course is for:
  • Pharmaceutical industry professionals
  • Professionals interested in starting a career in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Manufacturing engineering students
  • Manufacturing professionals
  • CfPIEs
  • Professionals in the sphere of biology and chemistry
  • Graduates, Postgraduates and PhD. Students with pharmacy or medical degrees
  • Production and employees
  • Entrepreneurs or any professional working in food and/or drug manufacturing premises

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