Geometry Crash Course 2022: Learn Geometry in 11 Hours

Geometry Crash Course 2022: Learn Geometry in 11 Hours

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What you’ll :
  • Learn all geometric basic terms
  • In depth knowledge of triangle and its
  • In depth knowledge of parallelogram and its types
  • All the important theorems based on triangles
  • Congruency concept such as SSS, , AAS, RHS and ASA
  • All the important theorems based on parallelogram
  • Types of quadrilateral and important features
  • Circle basic terms
  • All the important theorems based on circle
  • Similarity concept
  • Very important questions solution of

For many students, geometry has been one of the difficult chapters in mathematics. And we are here to you understand the geometry in a very simple way.

In this course, we have covered all the important parts of geometry. From basic terms, theorems to important solution, we have dedicated video course for each parts.

In the first glance, geometry seems to be difficult for students but when you start to understand the core conceptual knowledge of geometry, then geometry will be the easiest chapters for all students. Our step by step video will be able to make you capable of understanding the geometry easily.

Course :

  • Basic geometrical terms: In this part, I have discussed all the necessary basic geometrical terms.
  • Triangle: You will gain all the necessary knowledge of triangle such as its types, important theorems and many important solutions.
  • Parallelogram: You will gain necessary knowledge about parallelogram such as its features, important theorems and important solutions. You will the dedicated video courses related to the parallelogram which are essential in geometry.
  • Circle: You will gain insight knowledge about circle, it’s overview, theorems and important solutions.
  • Similarity: You will understand the similarity concept and important solution.

And we will be adding more practice videos in the upcoming days.

Thank you

Who this course is for:
  • This course is dedicated to those students who wants to gain in-depth knowledge of geometry

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