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Event Planning Course: beyond the basics

Event Planning Course: beyond the basics

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Course Details –:

Published by:Ivan Chagas

What you’ll learn

  • How to better plan and organize their events to achieve their goals
  • How to yield the most out of their events
  • Plan better for the eventualities
  • Meet their deadlines with a clear timetable and learn about project management
  • Sponsorship design: how to plan and create your sales quotas
  • How to do budgeting without having to know years of financial background
  • How to deal and cope better with the stress

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Have you been organizing events for some times but still want to IMPROVE your results?
I have been working using events as a marketing strategy and revenue tool for one decade now and have been sharing it for the last 3 years as an online and face-to-face instructor.
This course if very much focused on helping you hit the TARGET on the spot! Yes, we are going to focus a lot on your event’s goals and how to meet it, without breaking your timetable and budget, all while wowing your audience and managing your team (even if you’re solo!)
This course is aimed to those professionals, leaders, makers and visionaries that KNOW they can and WANT to make out of their events, be it brand promotion, lead generation, post-event sales, learning points and team or employees motivation! You can use event as a strategy for a LOT of things and we are going to learn how to yield the moment!
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You will learn how to:
  • Structure and lead a team to organize your event and meet your goals
  • How to design the agenda to control and boast your audience’s perception of your event
  • Budget your event accordingly and without any hassle
  • Better state your goals and outcomes so it has purpose and meaning
  • And how to manage it like a pro and project manager so you don’t miss any deadline!
All of this using more than 10 unique tools that I have created during my decade of experience with event creation, planning and executon!
ATTENTION: This event will not cover the BASICS of planning and event structure. Though, if you’re new to the area, this may be the GREATEST way to kickstart your journey!
Welome to my course EVENT PLANNING AND ORGANIZATION: BEYOND THE BASICS, where you will finally learn how to become the pro event organizer I wish I knew I could be when I started organizing events! 😉
What you will find on this course:
  • 5 hours of exclusive video content
  • Exercises: multiple choices and open-ended questions to which I’ll personally provide feedback
  • 11 unique tools and frameworks: with printable PDFs files, spreadsheet templates and instructional videos on how to use them!
  • Your instructor is a certified Instructional Designer by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a face-to-face instructor here in Brazil. I’m also an Udemy instructor for the past 3 years, with over 300 students!
Who this course is for:
  • Event organizers that want to sharpen even more their event skills
  • Leaders and managers who uses events as a strategy to make their businesses grow
  • Makers that want to take the event organizing as a career path
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