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What you’ll learn:
  • 1. Learn a new approach to studying as well as voice training.
  • 2. Study vocal projection.
  • 3. Benefit from performance, health and verbal articulation.
  • 4. overcome the phonatory difficulties concerning the pronunciation of certain sounds / monosyllables
  • 5. develop excellent sound production.
  • 6. to know the different organs involved in speech and their consequent use.
  • 7. learn and put into practice the concept of spatialization.
  • 8. Practice reversing (habitual) breathing patterns

Do you have problems in making yourself understood without having to repeat the same thing said over and over?

Do you feel unsure of your means of speech and voice? Do you speak with the fear of not being understood?

When you communicate, do you have problems making your thoughts and emotions understood?

Would you like to have better articulation?

Good! You are in the right virtual classroom!

In this course you will find an approach to the use and development of the voice of the tuto different from the classic one that moves the first moves from exercises on vocalization, certainly fundamental but only after having acquired full knowledge of the organs involved in phonation.

I will explain to you the individual muscles involved in vocal production and the consequent work to be done on them so that you can manage them separately and in connection.

It is vital to know how to let your voice go freely and at the same time to be able to control it in such a way that no emotions such as fear, insecurity, tremor etc …

You will learn to prepare the organs of speech for mobility by expanding all your possibilities of movement and use of the voice itself.

Once you have acquired the techniques, also thanks to specific exercises, over time everything will happen naturally and not at all reasoned: ACQUIRE A TECHNIQUE AND THEN FORGET IT (after having made it yours!).

We will study both on a practical and theoretical level the parts of the body that are used in the production of the word:

1. The supra-laryngeal parts: lips; lower jaw; Tongue.

2. The Laryngeal: The vocal cords; the extrinsic muscles.

3. The sub-laryngeal parts: Chest; abdomen.

4. The relevant parts of the posture: The spine; the head; The neck.

I will teach you to direct the aforementioned organs in different directions (TOP-BOTTOM, RIGHT-LEFT, BACK-FORWARD) so as to keep them trained for excellent sound emission.

Always remember: The voice is the medium through which we communicate and the body is the instrument that produces it.

Good study and good practice if you decide to be part of my virtual class !!


Who this course is for:
  • Actors, singers, teachers, communicators, theater students, those who work professionally on the voice and all those who want to eliminate speech defects and want to acquire greater fluency in speaking.

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