E-Marketing: Professional Advertising Using Psychology

E-Marketing: Professional Advertising Using Psychology

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What you’ll learn:
  • Improving the results of your ads on the Internet and professional e-marketing
  • Choose the appropriate images, text, colors and fonts for the advertisement
  • Using emotions in advertising in a practical way
  • Achieving your goals of e-marketing through the use of practical applications from psychology and consumer behavior

s from advertising on the Internet, and it is specifically designed for those interested in the field of e-marketing, e-commerce, and small business owners.

The course is based on hundreds of researches on consumer behavior and advertisements on the Internet with real examples of advertisements from major international companies… The course consists of 7 chapters, during which 7 important topics will be discussed in any advertisement on the Internet:

1- Images: You will know how to choose the best images for your ad, and through these images you can attract the attention of viewers and increase their interaction with the ad better.

2- Fonts: You will learn how to choose the right type of font for your product and know the feelings associated with different types of fonts

3- Colors: Some applications of color psychology and how we can use them in advertisements will be explained

4- Content: The aim of this chapter is to improve the quality of advertisements by presenting information to the viewer in a manner commensurate with the nature of the product

5- Emotions: We will discuss in detail how emotion-based ads work, as well as how to enhance the effectiveness of these ads by targeting people on the Internet based on their feelings in the right place and time.

6- Video: You will learn how to make a video advertisement based on persuasion and logic

7- Advertising platforms: You will know which of the advertising platforms is better for your advertisement

The course is practical and fully applicable, and you can watch the free lectures to learn more about the content of the course…

The course is indispensable for everyone interested in the field of e-marketing. It is a successful investment and will bring you quick results and more sales

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who sells a product or service online
  • Small business and enterprise owners
  • Employees in the field of e-marketing
  • Students interested in studying e-marketing

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