E-marketing: Increase your sales by displaying the price correctly

E-marketing: Increase your sales by displaying the price correctly

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What you’ll learn:
  • Master digital marketing and double your profits by pricing your products in a smart way
  • More than 57 scientifically to influence customers to make purchase decisions faster and spend more money
  • Make your look like a bargain for customers
  • Improve your persuasion by writing better ads

This course is based on more than 150 scientific studies by universities and researchers in the field of pricing and consumer behavior. The aim of this course is to make the price more attractive and compatible with the mental image of your product / service with customers. This course is designed specifically for those interested in the field of e-marketing / digital marketing e-commerce, and small business owners

Let’s say you your starting price at $50. Do you offer it as $50, or 49, or $49.99, or $49.95? In fact, there are an infinite number of possibilities and through this course you will know which price is the best for your product.

Some of the that you will learn may seem strange, for example we all know that $ 9.99 suggests that the price is low and achieve better sales, but sometimes it is $ 10 better and you will learn that during the course in addition to more such as: How to influence customers to choose a specific product among Several products and how to make your product look like a bargain when it is displayed next to competitors’ products and how to make your price compatible with your marketing message or your advertising and more… And through these simple additions you will be able to increase profits up to 200% and more in easy and simple ways and process

will give you 57 strategies that will enable you to increase your profits and you will learn how to influence customers and make your product look like a bargain and compatible with your marketing message by learning how to set and display the right price, product description language, price sizing and color strategies, the psychology behind different number sizes, and even how to remove Customer concerns about payment and other…

In this course you will learn the following:

  1. How does price affect customers’ perception of product quality?
  2. How to choose the right price for your product
  3. How do you display your price?
  4. The context of the quote or the of the price to its surroundings
  5. Designing subscription plans for a website and food menu as practical examples
  6. Reduce the of paying (make the price marginal)
  7. Take advantage of more discounts

The course is indispensable for everyone interested in the field of e-marketing / digital marketing, and it is a investment that will bring you quick and more sales

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Who this course is for:
  • Those interested in e-marketing, digital marketing, and e-commerce
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Those interested in e-commerce
  • UI/UX interested in the field
  • Interested in customer behavior and the applications of psychology in business

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