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Defining Emotional Intelligence

Defining Emotional Intelligence
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Course Details –:
Published by:Sorin Dumitrascu

What you’ll learn-:

  • Recognize the importance of emotions in determining intelligence.
  • Match the physiological reactions to the corresponding emotions.
  • Choose the statements that describe how the emotional control center works.
  • Differentiate between emotional intelligence and IQ.
  • Recognize the value of managing emotions.
  • Match the behaviors with the three styles of dealing with emotions.
  • Choose statements that describe what happens when someone is angry.
  • Identify the emotional effects of anxiety and worry.
  • Recognize the importance of being emotionally competent.
  • dentify the characteristics that contribute to emotional competency.

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The Defining Emotional Intelligence course is the first of five included in the Developing Emotional Intelligence Program, also presented as individual courses for your convenience.
Deep feelings and emotions act as necessary guides when humans face situations too important to defer to the intellect alone. Situations that arouse such emotional responses include:
  • facing danger,
  • suffering a painful loss,
  • pursuing goals despite frustration,
  • bonding with fellow humans,
  • building a family.
In all decision-making and action situations, feelings count as much, if not more, than rational thought. In fact, there has been far too much emphasis on rational thought (IQ) in the past when evaluating human behavior and potential.
In this course you’ll gain an understanding of the emotional intelligence theory, and you’ll explore the basis of emotional intelligence by examining the following four areas:
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  • the purpose of emotions,
  • managing emotions,
  • the impact of emotional intelligence,
  • what it takes to become emotionally literate.
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Who this course is for:
  • Managers, supervisors and team leaders will benefit from this course.
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