Customer Service Excelleक़्क़nce – from customers to operations

Customer Service Excellence - from customers to operations

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What you’ll learn

  • You will learn how to service EVERY customer with excellence, in an organized way
  • How to deal with unsatisfied customers, with a clear structure for answers
  • You’ll have practical tools at your disposal in any moment for every situation
  • How to shape your customer service operations to excellence, modelling your business and structure
  • You”ll get feedback from me for every assignment on the course
  • In the end, you will better equipped to assume a leadership role on Customer Service

Answer these questions:
  • Do you struggle dealing with angry customers?
  • Do you customers love you?
  • Do your customer recommend you to their friends?
  • Do you feel you are always at the mercy of your customers?
You may think that it’s a very hard task to get customers to actually love your company, that only big companies can achieve that you that it’s simply unpractical for a business like yours, but guess what: it’s not!
Customer Service Excellence can help your business thrive in many ways, like increasing sales, make your customers recommend you to others, comment and rate your company (helping your marketing team), and it ultimately make your customers even more open to your calls and to your proposal

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In this course Customer Service Excellence, you will learn not only what’s an excellent customer service and learn and see new unique and amazing tools and frameworks, but also how to shape your own customer services guidelines and also how to create strategies that fit perfectly to your business and customers, so you can achieve an excellent service.

What’s in it:
  1. Ten unique downloadable tools, ready to print
  2. There are almost 70 lessons, short and straight to the point
  3. More than 6 hours of content: the most complete course on Udemy
  4. It’s proven to be successful: it was built upon a face-to-face course
  5. Ten exercises with feedback given within 48 hours
  6. Watch it whenever you want and in the order you like
  7. 10 sections covering customer services from A to Z
  8. Support and interaction with the instructor
  9. Lifetime acess to the content
  10. Certificate of conclusion
Who this course is for:
  • This course is ideal for people who already work with customer service, customer success, sales or general customer services and want to take the next step in their careers and guarantee that positive feedback at the end. This course will cover both face-to-face and virtual, such as telephone, email and help desk.
  • It also works for anyone who works as a coordinator, supervisor or manager of a customer service area or post-service, as it presents several techniques and concepts for you to structure your area and take it to the next level.
  • Agents who want to take a leadership role in customer service and would like to learn techniques for managing teams and preparing for an interview!
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