Crypto Strategies for Algorithmic Trading 2022

Crypto Strategies for Algorithmic Trading 2022

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What you’ll learn:
  • Create an algorithmic crypto trading strategy based on a machine learning algorithm
  • Creating a Profitable Crypto Algorithmic Trading Strategy from A to Z
  • Live trading using MetaTrader 5 and Python
  • Display financial data as a graph
  • Import data from your broker
  • Vector backtest to minimize computation time
  • Managing financial data using the Python Pandas library
  • Quantifying the risk of a crypto trading strategy
  • Combine trading strategies intelligently to minimize risk
  • Understand and implement the drawdown break strategy
  • Managing the risk of a cryptocurrency portfolio
  • Clean data using the Pandas library
  • Detect large variations in cryptocurrency prices to maximize returns

Do you want to create CRYPTO quantitative strategies to earn up to 97%/YEAR ?

Do you already have some trading knowledge and want to learn quantitative trading/finance?

Are you simply a curious person who wants to get into this subject to monetize and diversify their knowledge?

If you answer at least one of these questions, I welcome you to this course. All course applications will be made using Python. However, for beginners in Python , do not panic! A FREE Python crash course is included to master Python.

In this course, you will learn how to use technical analysis and Machine Learning algorithms to create robust crypto strategies . You will perform quantitative analysis to find patterns in the data. Once you have many profitable strategies , we will learn how to perform vectorized backtesting. Next, you will apply risk management techniques to control the volatility of your crypto trading plan.

You will learn and understand the quantitative crypto analysis used by portfolio managers and professional traders:

  • Modeling : Technical analysis ( Support & resistance, Ichimoku ), Machine Learning ( Random Forest Classifier ).
  • Backtesting : Make a backtest correctly without error and minimize the calculation time ( Vectorized Backtesting ).
  • Risk management : Manage drawdown ( Drawdown break strategy ), combine strategies correctly ( Crypto strategies portfolio ).

Why this course and not another?

  • This is not a programming course, nor a trading or machine learning course. This is a course in which statistics, financial theory and machine learning are used for trading.
  • This course is not created by a data scientist but by a graduate in mathematics and economics specialized in mathematics applied to finance.
  • You can ask questions or read our articles on quantitative finance simply by registering on our free Discord forum.

Not to mention that the course is satisfied or refunded for 30 days. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your knowledge on this fascinating subject.

Who this course is for:
  • Everybody

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