Create Videos - Learn to speak in front of the camera

Create Videos – Learn to speak in front of the camera

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What you’ll learn:
  • Start creating practical “talking head” videos that are simple to create and impactful
  • Develop and enhance your online presence as a professional
  • Communicate more effectively with customers and prospects
  • Learn the basic techniques for speaking on video even if you are shy
  • Post your first video on Youtube / social or triple your content production
  • Interview online and / or record videos to influence and communicate with your audience

Level: beginner

Do you want to learn how to create your own cheap videos with your mobile? Do you have difficulty speaking on video and don’t know where to start? Not sure where to start?

Then this will be the course that will give you the basics to get started on the right foot and avoid beginner mistakes. If you haven’t started creating videos yet, you’re really missing out on communicating with your prospects, associates, partners, or followers.

Video production is time-consuming, and our goal, instead, should be to be more productive and faster at creating videos. In fact, in this course we will see how to make simple and easy-to-use videos and all the examples you can do if you are a professional, have a company or are a creator and want to improve your ability to create “talking head” videos (video in where you see a talking head in front of a camera), reducing production and assembly times.

I will guide you step by step, recommending the simplest and easiest ways to start communicating with your customers, prospects and colleagues in the most effective way. We will talk about different ways to use videos: professional proposals, answers to members and clients, in teaching, for the website, frequently asked questions, videos on YouTube, Leadership, newsletters, speeches and speeches, Tik Tok and Instagram.

What this course is NOT:

– It is not a course to learn how to make video montages and create viral movies to become a famous influencer

– It is not a course on video production, equipment even if we will focus briefly on some tools

– It is not a course on writing content for speaking on video

– DOES NOT fully cover any technical aspect of video production such as animation or editing software, etc.

– It is not a course for those who already record videos regularly and are looking for tricks to become popular

– It is not a magic wand course that turns you into a skilled video communicator only after seeing it

What is this course:

– How to learn to speak in front of the camera and develop the right mindset to face normal fears

– Create simple talking videos and reduce production time and costs

– Communicate more effectively with customers, prospects and prospects

– Find out what are the practical uses of video to have an advantage over competitors

– The technical basics to quickly create a video that has a professional look

– How to avoid wasting time with word-for-word scripts

– How to overcome the cursed traps of the mind that make us repeat a video several times

– Strengthen your online presence and stand out as a professional

– Help connect with new potential customers or followers

– The “tricks of the trade” to be at ease in front of the camera

Organization of the course:

There are 4 basic sections called Become a video communicator, Mindset to talk on video, How and where to use videos, Making videos in practice. See the sections / lessons of the complete course for more details or you can watch the preview videos and understand better .

There are 2 practical ways to follow the entire path:

Follow the entire course in order as you find it

Who this course is for:
  • Professionals
  • Aspiring creators (Youtubers)
  • Senior executives
  • Experts
  • Authors
  • Anyone who wants to reach more customers using the power of vide

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