Create & Sell Courses at Udemy (Unofficial) Passive Income

Create & Sell Courses at Udemy (Unofficial) Passive Income

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What you’ll learn:
  • Making online courses
  • Video editing
  • making money on udemy
  • promoting udemy courses at autopilot

Would you like your own e-learning course business where you make money while you sleep?  I have launched over 25 Udemy Courses with 450K Students and more than 2000 Reviews, I will teach you exactly how I build my passive income empire from scratch on Udemy since 2018. If you are good at anything and can teach it to other people then this is for you.

Get ready to build a passive income stream through Udemy and follow my secret strategy to success! All course content is in Hindi/Urdu and topics  covered include : 

My Udemy Earning, Courses, And Income Potential!

1 – Udemy Overview

2 – Instructor Dashboard (My Courses)

3 – My Monthly Passive Income From Udemy.

4 – Make Money On Udemy With 4 Ways (Organic, Promotions, AD Program, Affiliate Program)

5 – Instructor Profile And Course Strategy

6 – What Makes Your Course A Winner

7 – Finding Inspiration To Start On Udemy

8 – Build Your Brand On Udemy

9 – My Mindset Leads Success On Udemy

10- How To Withdraw Your Udemy Earnings

Getting Started With No Talent Free Tools

11 – Installing And Using LOOM

12 – Exploring Loom Features

13 – Recording Your First Video With Loom

14 – Editing Your Video In Loom

Course Creation: Professional Video Editing (Camtasia)

15 – Camtasia Intro And Essential Components

16 – Screen Recording Dimensions And Best Audio Settings

17 – Quick Editing Using Essential All Tools (Split, slicing, transitions, annotations, animation, behavior)

18 – Essential Project Settings. (Project/ canvas settings, scalings)

19 – Fixing Audio Using Tools. (Mixing, noise removal, in/out fading, best audio settings)

20 – Adjusting And Mixing Background Tracks Like Pro

21 – Using Jumpcuts, Clip Speed And Audio Editing.

22 – Voice Narration Dubbing And Audio Levels.

23 – Using Interactive Animations.(Zoom, Pan)

24 – Recap Of Things Your Learned 

25 – Recording Camtasia With Loom

26 – My Editing Style And Content Planning Strategy

27 – Finalizing Your Video Into Parts And Best Export Setting

28 – Improving Exported Videos Using Blur Tool Effectively

29 – Content Branding And Effects To Make Videos Look Professional

30 – Final Touches

Building Perfect Course For Passive Income

32 – Uploading Your Videos To Cloud Drive For Instant Access.

33 – Udemy SEO, Niche Research, Keywords Hunt Competition Analysis

34 – Preparing Your Course Landing Pages (Course Creation)

35 – Creating Lectures, Sections And Uploading Videos

36 – Completing Course Landing Page Effectively

37 – Creating Lectures Of Training

38 – Course Thumbnail With Canva From Scratch

39 – Setting Course Messages For Intro And Completion

40 – Course Pricing Strategy

40 – Course Pricing Strategy

41 – Writing An Awesome Course Description With No Hassle

42 – Publishing Your Training

Course Marketing: Getting Thousands of New Students

43 – Updating Course Content To Increase Organic Sales.

44 – Udemy Promotional And Educational Emails To Existing Students.

45 – Improving New Approved Course (My Recommendations)

46 – Organizing Course Content Into Sections

47 – Course Promotions (DIRECT, COUPONS)

48 – How To Get Thousands Of New Students(Secret Strategy)

49 – Running Promotional And Educational Message To Existing Students

50 – Find Free Course Communities To Promote Courses Without Spam

51 – Getting Reviews, Reporting Bad Reviews, Getting Certificates

52 – How Udemy Review System Works

Remember my own Udemy instructor profile is an example of what you can do aswell to make money while you sleep.

Join this comprehensive and practical training and earn a passive income every month on autopilot!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to make money
  • Anyone who wants to teach on udemy
  • Anyone who want to making money with online courses

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