Complete Import Procedure and Documentation | For Any Nation

Complete Import Procedure and Documentation | For Any Nation

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What you’ll learn:
  • How to carry out Import transactions and operations?
  • What is the typical Import Procedure of Importing any goods or service?
  • What are the steps involved in successfully carrying out import shipment
  • What are common import related documents
  • What is the typical process of customs clearance of import cargo
  • What is a letter of credit?
  • Signing a smart import contract.
  • How to transfer payment for import shipment through banks?
  • What are the principle commercial LC documents?
  • What are the regulatory import documents in the country of import?
  • What are transport documents in a typical import transaction?
  • What are INCOTERMS ® 2020?
  • What is the typical import procedure: Any country of destination?
  • How to import gifts, samples and other special cargo?

Looking to learn complete and detailed Import Documentation & Procedures? Have you been looking for a concise but essential course that can help you understand the basic concepts of import documentation and procedures for imports from any country of the world, into any nation? Learn about customs clearance, INCOTERMS, Letter of Credit, transport documentation related to international logistics. That too in a super simple step-by-step approach. Now, this import documentation & procedures course can make understanding all important aspects related to import shipments and bank-related documents like LC, Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice simple. Also, it can infuse in you the confidence of having a complete understanding of import formalities/procedures for commercial as well as personal use items imports. Special session on Importing from China, import of samples, imports of gifts, import waste and scrap material, import of pharmaceuticals and medicines, import of IT hardware are included in this course. So, you are at the right place and reading the description of the perfect course you are looking for.

Why is this export & import documentation & procedure course important?

This VJ Import Mastery Series Course, focusing on entire import documentation & procedures, is the only one-of-its-kind course on this platform. It is based on more than 30 years of industry and trade training experience of the instructor, a Harvard University, IIFT, and BITS alumnus having worked with overseas clients in 28 countries, with top MNCs. Therefore, the core understanding of import documentation & procedure and concepts can only be made possible by this course. Knowing the procedure of import documentation and import process in general for import is going to become easy for you. This is a concise and compact import documentation & procedure course while providing meticulously researched and professional inputs on the subject.

What will you learn?

By enrolling in this export & import documentation & procedures course you can expect to learn more about

1. Importation Basics

2. LC documents

3. Transport Documents like AWB and B/L

4. Customs Declaration Documents

5. Exchange Control Documents

6. Importance of Certificate of Origin for importers in reducing the import tariff incidence

7. Importance of Quality Certificate

8. Insurance Policy for safe passage of goods from the supplier to the importer

9. All local government documents for imports

10. Obtaining import rights and import licenses

11. Bill of entry

12. Local and supplier’s country compliances

13. Aligned Documents System

14. How does a Letter of Credit work?

15. Issuing Bank

16. Advising Bank

17. Negotiation Bank

18. INCOTERMS ® 2020 Explained

19. Typical Import Procedure and Process explained.

Along with, much more import-related documents & their procedures are required to carry out all kinds of import transactions.

What is the main approach of the course?

1. Conceptual understanding of the import documentation & other formalities

2. Step by Step approach

3. Practical examples and case studies discussion

4. Understanding of the game of typical import transaction framework in totality

Therefore the approach is to make the learning simple and easy.

Who this course is for:
  • Entrepreneurs planning to diversify their business overseas
  • Import organizations looking for improving the knowledge of their employees in the areas of import documentation
  • Individuals wishing to enter international trade career
  • Import managers wishing to learn the procedures and documentation to ensure smooth import transactions
  • Management students looking to improve their international trade knowledge to face interviews
  • Import operations executives
  • Commercial department employees of import – export organizatio

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