Coding for Kids Microsoft Small Basic 7-13 Years

Coding for Kids Microsoft Small Basic 7-13 Years

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What you’ll learn:
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  • They Will Learn The Protocols That Are Fixed In All Programming Languages
  • They Will Advance Their Numerical and Verbal Intelligences Simultaneously
  • They will learn to think systematically
  • Will Gain an Interest in Programming at a Young Age

Small Basic is a programming language developed and published by Microsoft.

Small Basic is normally built for children to learn programming in a fun way. However, anyone can use Small Basic. Small Basic is not with code blocks, but Java, Python, C etc. Like programming languages, it is text-based. Small Basic can also send codes to the Visual Basic command.

Programs and games can be made with Small Basic. It is not like a game engine, but it is still possible to make games.

Small Basic allows us to publish the programs we make in its library. This library is called Small Basic Program Listing . With Small Basic, we can both publish and upload programs. These features can be seen on the top panel of the application, in the Web section. To list the features:

  • Al
  • With broadcasting

Get[edit] change source]

This feature allows you to print to your own project by entering the ID information of the application in Small Basic Program Listing. If you have a written project, it can overwrite it.

Publish change source]

This feature allows you to upload your program to Small Basic Program Listing. If your project is empty or too large, it will throw an error.

Usage change source]

You can do Small Basic either online[3] or by downloading it. The difference of downloading online is that you write code on the website and your data can be accessed.

Tech change source]

Small Basic is an Object-oriented programming language. Object-oriented programming in Small Basic (usually like this in other programming languages) includes:

Object change source]

It is the indispensable method of Small Basic. Object opens the door to libraries. If you don’t understand, let’s give an example:

TextWindow provides textual input and output functions.

Function change source]

It is a method that can be used after writing an object. Functions allow the action we enter to be performed. For example:

WriteLine is used after the TextWindow object. It prints the written string value to the TextWindow window.

Feature change source]

Actually, we can call these methods additional. They are usually used to customize things in the library.

Syntax change source]

Small Basic, like Python, uses indentation instead of curly braces, for example. Also, in some cases, indentation is not even necessary. That’s why you can write your code quickly with minimal effort. Small Basic has a simple syntax. It’s just like Python .

Operators change source]

The + operator is an aggregation and concatenation operation.

– operator is subtraction

The * operator is multiplication. It can also be used for string expressions.

The / operator is division

The % operator is the modding operation.

The < operator means less than

The > operator means greater than

The = operator is equal to and means assignment.

<= operator means less than equals

The >= operator means greater than equals

The != operator means not

Expressions change source]

The if statement works only if the specific condition we put into it is true. Also, else and else if can be used together

The while statement allows you to repeat something over and over until the desired result is achieved.

The for statement allows a series of operations to be run multiple times

The sub statement lets you do batches of code with a single call

The goto statement allows you to navigate to a new location in the program.

Small Basic has no data types. The reason this is bad is because if there were data types, memory would consume less power.

Who this course is for:
  • To Computer Teachers
  • to parents
  • For Students aged 7-13
  • To Primary School Teachers
  • To Class Teachers

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