Aruba Mobility Professional Practice Tests Certification

Aruba Mobility Professional Practice Tests Certification

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About Aruba Certified Mobility Professional (ACMP) Examination

This exam tests your skills with the WLAN design, deployment, and troubleshooting of Aruba Mobile First Network Solutions in complex highly available campus and branch environments. It also tests your ability to configure specialized applications, management, and security requirements for a WLAN such as UCC Voice and advanced security features.

Prerequisite for the exam

  • A minimum of two years of advanced-level implementation experience with Aruba WLAN solutions
  • A minimum of three years of experience with wired LAN infrastructure and switching and routing technologies.

Exam Structure

1. Section 1: Integrate and implement Aruba Mobile First architecture components and explain their uses – 20%

• Integrate components of the Aruba Mobile First Architecture.

• Differentiate between standalone mode and Master Controller Mode (MCM) features and recommend use cases.

• Differentiate the use of packet forwarding modes (tunnel, decrypt-tunnel, split-tunnel, and bridge).

• Differentiate between redundancy methods, and describe the benefits of L2 and L3 clustering.

• Explain Remote Access architectures and how to integrate the architectures.

• Describe and differentiate advanced licensing features.

2. Section 2: Configure and validate Aruba WLAN secure employee and guest solutions – 20%

• Configure Remote Access with Aruba Solutions such as RAP and VIA

• Configure and deploy redundant controller solutions based upon a given design

• Configure a Mesh WLAN

3. Section 3: Implement advanced services and security – 38%

• Enable multicast DNS features to support discovery across VLAN boundaries

• Configure role derivation, and explain and implement advanced role features

• Configure an AAA server profile for a user or administrative access

• Implement Mobility Infrastructure hardening features

• Explain Clarity features and functions

• Implement Voice WLAN based upon a given design

• Configure primary zones and data zones to support MultiZone AP

• Implement mobility (roaming) in an Aruba wireless environment

• Implement tunneled node to secure ArubaOS switches

4. Section 4: Manage and monitor Aruba solutions – 10%

• Use AirWave to monitor an Aruba Mobility Master and Mobility Controller

• Perform maintenance upgrades and operational maintenance

5. Section 5: Troubleshoot Aruba WLAN solutions – 12%

• Troubleshoot controller communication

• Troubleshoot the WLAN

• Troubleshoot Remote Access

• Troubleshoot issues related to services and security

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