APIREST Creation, Consumption and Deployment in Heroku PHP and MySQL

APIREST Creation, Consumption and Deployment in Heroku PHP and MySQL

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What you’ll learn:
  • REST API creation and consumption with POSTMAN (PHP and MySQL)
  • API REST Web Service con PHP y MySQL
  • You will learn to use the POSTMAN tool
  • XAMPP usage and configuration
  • Upload the Project to Production
  • Place the project on a Pay server
  • Place project in Production
  • Publish Project on Heroku
  • Introduction to Git and Github
  • Introduction to NodeJs

Welcome to the course on the development of a Web Service Creation and consumption with POSTMAN (PHP and MySQL) in PHP POO, PDO, MySQL, , you will learn step by step how to develop a Web Service from scratch and you will be able to see it anywhere with POSTMAN .

You will learn how to develop content control systems using the most popular programming language and with more job opportunities PHP, we will work with Object Oriented Programming, PDO (PHP Data Objects) and the MySql database manager , for the design and administration of the database tables we will work with the PhpMyadmin tool , we will use POSTMAN to carry out unit tests of our project.

With PDO you can handle 12 different types of databases ( Oracle, MySQL, SqLite, etc… ), just by changing the name of the database in the connection and without having to redo the entire project, besides that with PDO it gives us much more security.

You will learn to develop CRUD (CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE) .


  • Design the project’s database tables using the PHP MyAdmin tool.
  • Connect MYSQL database from PHP using PDO(PHP Data Objects) connection.
  • Maintain your database tables.

What is Git

Today, Git is by far the most widely used modern version control system in the world. Git is a mature and actively maintained open source project that was originally developed by Linus Torvalds, the famous creator of the Linux operating system kernel, in 2005. A staggering number of software projects depend on Git for version control, including projects commercial and open source. Developers who have worked with Git are well represented in the available software development talent base, and Git works seamlessly across a wide variety of operating systems and IDEs (Integrated Development Environments).

what is heroku

Heroku is a cloud computing platform as a service (PaaS) that supports different programming languages.

What is GitHub

GitHub is a forge (collaborative development platform) for hosting projects using the Git version control system. It is mainly used for creating source code for computer programs. The software that runs GitHub was written in Ruby on Rails. As of January 2010, GitHub has operated under the name GitHub, Inc. It was previously known as Logical Awesome LLC . Code for projects hosted on GitHub is typically stored publicly.

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