Analog Circuits From Scratch

Analog Circuits From Scratch

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What you’ll learn:
  • Understand the concepts of Analog Electronics
  • Solve circuits using diodes and transistors
  • Design analog circuits from scratch using basic electronic components
  • Learn about Power Supplies, Amplifiers, Current Mirrors, Multistage Amplifiers, Differential Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers and so

Hey all! Welcome to my course on Analog Circuits From Scratch where everything is taught from scratch towards applications. The syllabus of the course is as follows:

Unit 1 – Fundamentals of Diode Circuits:

Fundamentals of PN Junction

Fundamentals of Diode

Forming circuits using Diode

Diode Approximation

Solving Diode Circuits

Unit 2 – Power Supplies:

Building blocks of a power supply

Half wave rectifier circuit – RMS, Average values, Ripple Factor, Form Factor

Full wave rectifier circuit – RMS, Average values, Ripple Factor, Form Factor

Centre tapped rectifier – RMS, Average values, Ripple Factor, Form Factor

Bridge rectifier – RMS, Average values, Ripple Factor, Form Factor

Problems on Rectifiers

Filters – Response Curves

Capacitor Filters

Regulator – types

Series Voltage Regulator

Shunt Voltage Regulator

Unit 3 – Bipolar Junction Transistor Applications

Working of BJT

BJT – Characteristics, Types

BJT – Modes of Operation

BJT Amplifier

BJT Amplifier – Frequency Response Curves

BJT Voltage Regulator – Series, Shunt

BJT Current Mirrors – Explanation, Equation, Problems

Unit 4 – MOSFET Applications;

Working of MOSFET

MOSFET – Characteristics, Types

MOSFET – Modes of Operation

MOSFET Amplifier

MOSFET Current Mirrors – Explanation, Equation, Problems

Unit 5 – Differential Amplifiers and Power Amplifiers

Differential Amplifier – Introduction, Circuit using BJT

Voltage and Current curves of Differential Amplifier

Power Amplifiers – Classification

Class A, B, C, AB, D

You will get all the basics right to build a strong foundation in understanding, analyzing and designing the analog circuits using the fundamental electronic components such as a diode, transistor and so on. What are you waiting for? See you there in my course!

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner Electronics Aspirants
  • Beginner Electrical Engineering Aspirants
  • Anyone who wants to learn and design Analog Circuits from Scratch

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