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Agile Retrospective: Continuous Improvement+Kaizen wth Scrum

Agile Retrospective: Continuous Improvement+Kaizen wth Scrum

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What you’ll learn

  • A complete overview of the retrospectives and how it is used to boost the efficiency and productivity of a team
  • Learn how to improve sprint retrospectives
  • Learn what scrum is and why it is so powerful for conducting a retrospective
  • Learn the exact techniques the pros use in industry for holding retrospectives
  • Feel confident in improving the performance of scrum for any software, service, maintenance or support team
  • Learn how to use scrum for holding retrospective WITHOUT paying thousands of $$$$££££ for training
  • Explain what sprint retrospectives will make your team or business more efficient

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The unique reasons for taking this course are:
1. Complete, Concise, Confident Overview of sprint retrospectives – I cover the theory and give you examples of how the theory is used in industry.
2. Confidence in using scrum – In a very simple way, I teach you the fundamentals agile retrospectives and how to organize sprint retrospectives in industry without going into a class room or spending $£1000..
3. You get to ask me questions and see me respond to every single one of them thoughtfully!
What is sprint retrospective?
It is a method for boosting your team’s efficiency. Based on my experience, it is the perfect way to learn from the past and take that learning to learn new in the upcoming sprints.
Who should take is course?
Whether you are a novice, an expert or simply someone who wants the answer to the question “what is sprint retrospective, this is definitely the class is for you.
What will I learn?
In this class you will learn:
• Concise overview of sprint retrospective – Including 29 easy tips to hold a sprint retrospective successfully
• The facts based on real industry experience and research – The correct terminology and use of proper methods is essential to mastering it. My experience in industry and research into the topic has been used to give you a solid grounding in the most concise way possible.
The course is video based with no supporting document necessary.

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Who this course is for:
  • Scrum Master, Product Owner, Business Owners, Support Teams, Maintenance Teams, Service and Sales Teams, Development Support Teams
  • Anyone who wants a complete overview of agile scrum retrospectives and certainty that they are getting the facts taught by an Agile expert
  • A candidate who wants answers to frequently misunderstood points within scrum methodology or an expert candidate who wants a concise, quick refresher on retrospectives
  • Someone who wants pointers on holding a successful retrospective meeting
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