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Advance Microsoft Excel: Data Visualization Through Charts

Advance Microsoft Excel: Data Visualization Through Charts

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Course Details –:

What you’ll learn-

  • MASTER the excel course from the basic to advanced level
  • GET HOLD of the most common excel functions
  • COMPREHEND all the financial model from zero
  • LEARN all the shortcuts to make your work easy and complete the task quickly
  • UNDERSTAND all the advance functions in the excel to be an expert
  • CREATE dynamic reports by mastering pivot table
  • BUILD a solid understanding of Excel tables and its benefit
  • CREATE spreadsheets that are easy-to-use
  • MANAGE and analyze large data and present it in a user-friendly way and in an efficient manner
  • EXTRACT meaningful information from the dat

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Advanced Excel course help you take your skill to the another level You can build financial models easily after learning this course and get a stronghold over Excel.
We welcome you to the world of excel!
This course will help you to learn all the techniques of Excel and take your career a notch higher. It will not only strengthen your base but also take your graph slowly and gradually upward. In this course, you will learn all the tricks, shortcuts, and functions that will transform you into an Excel power user and perform professional financial analysis with ease. It will also help you in speeding up on the new features and get expertise on advanced functions as well.
While learning Excel the functions and formulas will become more sophisticated and thus, you will be able to get hold of it easily. It is an engaging course with lots of practical examplesengaging videos, quizzes, notes, exercises that revolve around day to day real-life instances. This course will provide a 360-degree approach to a financial model where you can learn and see yourself how your knowledge can be applied in practice. Also, get benefited from the experience of the industry-leading experts. Gains from this course:
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  • Master the excel course completely
  • Get hold of the most common Excel functions that form the base of the course
  • Learn all the shortcuts to make your work easy and complete the task quickly
  • Understand all the advance functions in the excel that will bring you in line with the expert
  • Create dynamic reports by mastering pivot table
  • Have a solid understanding of Excel tables and benefits deriving out of it
  • Learn to create spreadsheets with this course
  • MANAGE and analyze large data and present it in a user-friendly way that is otherwise difficult to understand
  • Extract meaningful information that will be good for the business
  • Get knowledge about the power query and its usage
  • Acquire the knowledge of data validation and understand its purpose
  • Perform complex calculations
  • Real-world examples that will help you grasp the course easily
How are you getting benefited from this course?
  • Learn everything imperative about Excel spreadsheets to build up your career in finance and investment banking.
  • Get hold of shortcuts, functions, and formulas that will save time and accelerate your skills
  • Get inspired by the industry-leading best practices
  • Stand out in an interview with the added skill in your portfolio
  • Move up the ladder at work by boosting your MS Excel skills and your confidence too.
  • Get a certificate at the completion of the course
The course is packed with:
  • Real-life examples to make the whole process of learning easy and also give you an insight as to how it is applied practically.
  • This course is equipped with Experience of the Trainers who are from the same industry that can help you enrich your knowledge and skill.
  • A lot of tips and advice straight from the experts of the industry that will help you give a boost in your career.
Why should you get yourself enrolled in the course?
1. Salary: Acquire technical skills and get the desired hike in your salary.
2. Stress management: The more skill you acquire in training, the less you have to deal with stress during the work.
3. Growth: Give the desired push to your career seriously and grow quicker and faster.
Join hands with HENRY HARVIN to climb up the ladder of success!!!
Who this course is for:
  • This Excel Course is perfect for beginners, intermediate, and even advanced users
  • Beginners who want to take their skill to the advanced level
  • Aspiring financial analysts and investment bankers
  • People who want to grow in life with speed
  • People who want to have a complete hold over excel
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