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50-point SEO Audit 2020 To Test Your Site Or As Freelancer

50-point SEO Audit 2020 To Test Your Site Or As Freelancer

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What you’ll learn

  • Perform an SEO audit on your own
  • Save money hiring freelancers
  • Or sell this service as a freelancing or agency service
  • Increase site rankings
  • Identify damaging website problems and fix them
  • Optimize for site speed and mobile

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Learn to do an SEO audit with my comprehensive 50-point checklist. You will be able to not only identify problems on your site, but I’ll show you how to fix them on your own.
My goal is for you to be able to find and fix SEO problems on your site. You will only need to hire freelancers to do the intermediate to advanced technical work that is beyond SEO.
Sometimes you will encounter SEO issues that can be fixed by a software engineer or a network engineer. In those cases, I recommend that you hire a freelancer. But in most cases, I show you how to fix the SEO problems on your own.
After The Audit, You Will Have:
After performing the audit, you’ll have a list of improvements and an ability to implement:
  • Making your site mobile
  • Improving site load speed
  • Content quality
  • Optimal content strategy with full site crawling, indexing, and ranking potential
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Sell SEO Audit Services As A Freelancer Or As An Agency Service
SEO audits are a popular service to provide. After this course, you’ll be able to impress potential clients that you will give them an impressive and comprehensive site audit with many actionable items they can implement. After that, you will be able to implement most of those action items and make more revenue from that.

Who this course is for:
  • Website owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers
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