33 Most Useful Websites or Apps for College Students

33 Most Useful Websites or Apps for College Students

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What you’ll learn:
  • Become more focused
  • Be able to save money on day to day activities.
  • Be better able to manage your time
  • Be able to better manage your diet even with a limited budget
  • Be able to manage stress through a variety of techniques.
  • Be able to write term papers with very few to no grammatical errors
  • Be better able to find reputable sources for term papers
  • Be able to save money on textbooks
  • Be better able to pass the technical interview to land a lucrative programming/techncial job
  • Be able to prove your skills to employers if you are going into a programming/technical field

New Content Added September 2020***

Have you ever wondered how you might be able to squeeze more time into your day? Are you being distracted by too many social media posts? Have you noticed that you have gained weight in College? All of these problems can be solved if you know where to look!

Let’s face it today’s life as a college student is difficult. Many of you have part-time jobs as well as a full college credit load and homework to deal with as well. However, these stresses can be managed if you know where to look!

This is where my course 33 Most Useful Websites or Apps for College Students becomes a lifesaver. Using just these little apps and websites you should be able to manage your time, keep track of what needs to be done, and get more focused than ever before!

Here is what you will learn in this course:


You will know where you can learn to manage your finances so that you do not get into too much debt!
You will know exactly where and how to keep track of your weight so that doesn’t become a problem in the future
You will know where to look for scholarships so you don’t overpay for your education!
You will know where to look for internships so you will be better able to get a job after you graduate!
You will know where to network with others so that you will be able to get a job or meaningful contacts later in life!

You will know where to practice for a technical interview and land that dream programming or technical job you are working so hard to obtain!

This course was designed specifically for college students today and the struggles that they face! No other course that I know of offers so many resources and helpful suggestions to make life easier for you as a student!

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As time goes on it is common for many people to return to college. If you are one of these returning students you will also find these websites helpful as these resources weren’t available most likely while you were in college the first time. Regardless of your age, these websites come in very handy.

As well, these websites will continue to be useful even later in life! The money-saving websites alone can help you control your monthly budget and keep you out of debt! Not only that there are many websites that you could use to help you earn money on the side, which will help you reach your financial goals faster or keep you from becoming too burdened with debt.

Enroll in this course today to find out what you may have been missing out on!

My goal is to help you excel as a student and become better at life, even after you graduate!

Who this course is for:
  • Any High School graduate who is about to enter College or University
  • Any current College Student who desires to have a better time in College
  • College Students who are interested in becoming more focused in life.
  • College students both undergraduate and graduate that are interested in managing their time and getting tasks done on time.
  • Any graduate student who wishes to have an easier time writing dissertations and other lengthy research papers.
  • Adults returning to college or attending college for the first time

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